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Casa Giralda

Casa Giralda's enchanting tale is deeply rooted in the pioneering days of Cabañas Bascun, an original 'hostería' nestled in Baños, far from the bustling city center. Embracing the natural beauty of the Bascun river, the 'hostería' became a hub for both Ecuadorians and international guests, offering a haven for relaxation and adventure amidst the verdant mountains.


This bold concept introduced by the Velasco family in 1982 was a groundbreaking vision, transforming the hospitality landscape and setting new expectations for eco-friendly and family-oriented tourism.

As Cabañas Bascun faced challenges adapting to the evolving global hospitality standards, a family from Quito stepped in with a vision to revitalize the establishment. They took the reins during a tough period when Bascun's reputation was declining.


To signify a fresh start and distance themselves from Bascun's tarnished image, they chose the name Casa Giralda, drawing inspiration from the rich history and symbolism of Spain's Giralda.


Like the Giralda, which represents resilience, adaptability, and cultural synthesis, Casa Giralda aims to blend various cultural influences and styles, offering a unique experience of hospitality and tranquility.


This name change symbolizes the transition from the tradition of Cabañas Bascun to the innovation of Casa Giralda, aiming to enrich every guest's experience with a fusion of legacy and modernity.



Let´`s unveil an array of tailored experiences: thrill-seekers can dive into adventure packages, couples will find romance in specially crafted getaways, families and friends can revel in our games room and verdant gardens, and our elegant event halls stand ready for any celebration, all encapsulated by lively images that promise an unforgettable experience at every turn.

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